3 Reasons To Send Your Child To A Private High School

When it comes time to send their children to high school, parents usually have a number of options. Public schools, magnet schools, and charter schools all represent unique academic experiences for students as they progress toward graduation. Private schools, however, often hold the greatest number of advantages for students and parents alike. If one or more of your children are currently in middle school and you are thinking about what kind of high school you want to enroll them in, take a look below at just a few of the benefits of private high schools.

Smaller Class Sizes

One of the most common reasons parents give for having sent their children to private high schools is small class sizes. Because of budget cuts or constraints, public high schools often feature bloated teacher-to-student ratios. This means that teachers are simply not able to give the individualized instruction that many students need in order to succeed. Private high schools, on the other hand, have small classes in which students and their instructors are able to interact more directly; in many cases, this translates to improved subject understanding and student performance.

Greater Resources

While class sizes at private high schools may be much smaller, the same can't be said of their resources. Private high schools do not depend on government funds in order to give their students the greatest chance at success and so usually have much greater access to resources. All facilities, technology, curriculum materials, and other important equipment are paid for by funds accumulated through tuition payments, other fees, or the school's endowment. As such, parents have a very real say in which resources the school should prioritize. This direct link between parent involvement and resources means that parents can feel confident their child's school will provide numerous opportunities for student growth.

Similar Value Systems

Families for whom religion is a major part of life may not always feel that their values are shared by their community's public or charter schools. Fortunately for these families, many private high schools still maintain a strong sense of religious tradition. These schools may prioritize religious activities during the school week or incorporate aspects of religion in extracurricular activities. If this is something that you would prefer to be emphasized in your own child's life during their high school years, then a private high school may be just what you are looking for.

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