Secular Versus Christian: Why It Is More Important Than Ever To Choose A Christian School For Your Child

In the past, deciding whether to send your child to a Christian school or to a secular school may have been a difficult choice because they both offered a good education and taught basic morals and manners. However, today the choice is more clear than ever due to the increasing lack of morals and manners being taught in secular schools. If you are a family of faith, choosing a Christian school may be the only way to preserve the biblical values you want instilled in your children and give your kids a solid faith-based education. 

Sanctity of life values

The Christian view that all life is valuable is at the heart of Christian education. This is something that may be missing from a secular education with worldly controversy over when life truly begins, etc. In a Christian school, your child will be taught about the sanctity of life based on what the Bible teaches.

Gender issues

The Christian viewpoint on gender issues is based on core Bible principles that will be part of a Christian school curriculum, as your child discovers the unique differences between the sexes. Secular schools will have a variety of viewpoints on this often-controversial issue. This controversy may lead to a child becoming confused about their unique identity when attending a secular school. 

Morality and manners  

In some secular schools today, manners and morality can be severely lacking, as secular schools become more infiltrated by a worldly viewpoint. Christian schools will teach morality issues based on the truth from the scriptures. Being polite to others and having good manners follows solid biblical teaching about morality, which makes it a normal extension of a Christian curriculum.

Biblical-based studies

There is a lot to learn about the New Testament and Old Testament that makes up the Bible. A good Christian school curriculum will have the Bible as a core part of their program, so your child will always be learning important truths that will stay with them throughout their life. Having age-appropriate Bible training will give your child the solid foundation they need in their formative years and into the future.

For parents of faith, there is nothing more important than bringing children up to follow core biblical values. Kids spend a lot of hours each year attending school, which makes choosing the right school important. Choosing a secular school means your child will be spending a lot of time exposed to worldly views rather than the biblical viewpoints taught in a Christian school.