Ways Students Can Incorporate Jesus Into Their Education

Christian people should include Jesus in every aspect of their lives starting as students. Students can learn how to incorporate religion into education and other daily tasks in whatever way works best for them and continue those habits after school. Try these 4 ways for students to incorporate Jesus into their education. 

1.  Buy Christian School Supplies

Give yourself reminders of Jesus every day with Christian school supplies, such as planners with inspirational Bible verses on every page. Use the Bible verses to guide your work ethic and help you make the right decisions in the face of temptation. 

You can also find Christian-friendly math and science resources that incorporate Christian imagery into word problems. 

2. Attend Christian School

Christian school students take religion classes where they study the Bible and related texts as thoroughly as any other textbook. Students will take quizzes on the subject matter and recite excerpts from memory. Older students may also write essays that incorporate Christian themes into current events and challenge students to express their personal religious beliefs. 

Students also attend church once a week with the rest of the school. Students are still expected to attend church on Sunday independently. 

After Christian school graduation, students can apply to Christian colleges to remain in a similar atmosphere to undergraduate school. 

3. Study Christian History and Art/Literature/Music Inspired by Christianity

Christianity developed over 2000 years ago with Jesus and continued with his disciples, despite persecution. God spared a persecutor named Saul who changed his name to Paul and spread the gospel outside of Jerusalem to Greece and Italy. The Romans increased the range of Christianity even more by spreading it throughout their empire, turning it into the juggernaut it is today. Western history teaches the history of Christianity, such as the Crusades, the Protestant Revolution, and the inception of the Church of England,  

Early literature and artwork almost exclusively include Christian themes. The height of artistic expression, the Rennaisance, includes some of the most beautiful religious artworks of all time. When students study the Renaissance in art history class or read Dante's Inferno in class literature class, they learn more about their religion and its influence over the world.   

4. Develop a Christian Support Group

Adolescents can benefit from a strong support group that includes similar values. Study groups that incorporate other Christian students can grow into friendships and support systems. This support system can encourage good decisions and give students peers to talk to when faced with a problem in life. This support group will be especially important once students leave school and enter the real world with people who don't share the same values.   

Students in Christian schools will learn how to incorporate Jesus and his teachings into every part of life, including future employment as an adult.  

For more info, visit a local Christian school